Our objective is to deliver your project on time and on budget with the least amount of stress.

Involve us right from the beginning.
We encourage our clients to involve us right from the beginning. In this way we can help to guide you with the important decisions and provide you with build options so that you get the result you want.

The key to best process.
Our success is based on providing clear communications between all parties involved including our clients, the designers and architects, specialist trades, suppliers and approving authorities. We want you to know what is happening and when.

How do we do that?
We talk to you all through the process. We will contact you by phone, text or email, whatever is best for you. We will keep you up-to-date with every step so that you will never be in the dark about what's happening. We welcome our clients involvement in the process, after all it is your project, your dream and your money.

Typical steps to create a new family home.
Meet with you to find out what you are wanting to create. There is no charge for our advice or input. There is no obligation and we don't charge for anything without your prior approval.

When we talk we will discuss your proposed location, the style and size of home you are looking to build and when you are wanting to move in.

We can help you to decide upon a plan, or work with your architect.

If you have your land we will visit the site with you. We will then be able to clearly understand what your project involves.

Once your basic plan is decided we will provide you with a broad budget estimate to make sure that the scope of the project is within your budget.

Next, we will work with you to determine the exact specifications and confirm the final plan. From this we will prepare a detailed quotation. This document will detail all that is involved and included, what we will be doing and when.

You will know exactly what is involved and the cost. We don't like surprises and are sure that you don't want any either.

Overall we want to make sure the process easy, smooth and stress free.



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